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Image of Bluawofogbe-Kpodonu II

Torgbui Robert Bluawofogbe-Kpodonu II lived from 1890-1977 aged 87 years. He enlisted in the British Gold Coast Army and was sent to fight in Burma during the second world war.

On his return from Burma, he retired from active service in the military and continued to farm the large family land at Atiavi Wanyagor till his untimely death in 1977.

He is survived by his sister currently over 100 years old and living in Denu, His Daughter Auntie Ayawo living at Keta and My Dad Godwin Living at Atiavi.

Torgbui Robert Bluawofogbe-Kpodonu II

The Late Torgbui Robert Bluawofogbe II

(Alias Papa Sodzator)

The veteran of Burma